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"I was a junior at Georgetown, when Jodi spotted me on Fox News Channel talking about my rather infamous college dating column, 'Sex on the Hilltop.' She called and signed me within hours. I was with her for two years at RLR Associates, and she started me down the road to the career I have now - which has ranged from selling the rights to my column to Aaron Spelling television, to appearing on camera over 800 times, to two major columns, three magazine covers and seven (count 'em) network pilots. Jodi literally changed my life!"

Julia Allison, media personality
"Jodi regularly pitches us interesting ideas and introduces us to new talent."

Mark Schneider
Executive Producer/Managing Director
Follow Productions Creators and producers of the Paula Deen Franchise
"Jodi has an eye for exciting new talent and is always a pleasure to work with."

Barry Poznick
Executive Producer, Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
Executive Producer & Co-Creator, Girls Behaving Badly, Oxygen Networks
Zoo Productions
"Jodi has consistently brought me interesting pitches and introduced me to strong talent."

Eli Lehrer
Vice President of Development, Bravo (formerly Vh1)
"When I need advice on show staffing, I call Jodi Turk. She knows the East coast market - from talent to producers to directors and everywhere in-between. I was lucky enough to work with Jodi on a nationally-syndicated TV talk show in New York. I know how creative and resourceful she is."

Charles Cook
Creator-Executive Producer, SWITCHED! ABC FAMILY
"In all the years that I have worked with Jodi, I have found her to be one of the most creative and ambitious individuals in television. When Jodi gets her hands on something or gets an idea in her head, there are no limits to what she can accomplish. Her talent has no limits."

Linda Carrasquillo
Vice President, Programming
Paramount Domestic Television
"She makes things happen!"

Jennifer Danska
Director, Talent Development
E! Networks
"Jodi is in the know. She knows "who is hot, who is not" and most importantly who or what concepts will be tomorrow’s water cooler chat."

Ron Daniel
Vice President, Scheduling & Acquisitions, Court TV
"I know Jodi for 10 years, I know her as a producer and a manager and she excels in both. Very few Managers have the production background that Jodi has, going with Jodi is the best of both worlds."

Maddie Henri
VP of Programming HGTV
Executive Producer
"Jodi is the best...she's up on every new project out there and keeps me connected with all of the right people in the industry. Without her company, I'd be lost!"

Ed Connolly
Television Producer & Executive
"Jodi is the matchmaker of the producing world. She knows how to match a potential employer with a great employee..she has been on both sides as a producer...and now as a manager.
I trust her instincts about great people and I'm proud to say we have worked together on many many successful projects. As a producer, she looked out for her guests and the best interest of the show...as a manager she will look out for the best interest of her clients."

Mary Duffy
Executive Producer, The Big Idea with Donny Deutch
"When my website started getting interest from publishers and movie studios, I turned to Jodi Turk for guidance. Her expertise and connections helped turn my idea into an internationally published book (available in seven languages!) with a feature film in development."

Karyn Bosnak
Author, Screenwriter and clever gal behind savekaryn.com

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