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Jodi and Steve Martorano.

Jodi and Rob Lowe.

Jodi and her mom with Judge James Curtis , formerly of the Kingworld's Curtis Court. He is currently an on air anchor at Court TV.

Jodi with Latoya Jackson in green room at Sally Jessy Raphael's show, 1993.

Jodi with Nancy Grace of Court Television.

Jodi on the set with SURVIVOR Runner up, Sue Hawk.

Jodi on set producing News special with New York's 52nd Governor, Mario Cuomo.

Jodi with Phil Donahue, producing a NewsTalk TV news special.

Jodi with Sally Jessy Raphael and staff.

Jodi with Bill O'Reilly, "Inside Edition" wrap party 1989, currently FOX host of "The O'Reilly Factor".

Jodi with Jeff Probst, FX wrap party 1997, currently host of "Survivor".

Jodi with news anchor, Ernie Anastos, Newstalk TV 1995.

Jodi with Montel Williams and Executive Producer Mary Duffy.

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